Cathy's Corral Horseback Riding Services


The  cost  is  $300  plus  mileage.

(Mileage can cost $20 to $150 depending on your location) 
For girls or boys 
Our farm or your place
We will be happy to bring them to you and travel within
150 miles of 46544!!!
Ponies or small horses are decorated for the occasion
2-3 of our staff members give rides
We provide a small horse & medium size pony for 1.5 hrs
(Weight limit is 110 lbs for the pony and 250 lbs for the small horse)
We have mounting blocks to help the kids get up into the
saddle but, some may still need a boost

You may bring cake, ice cream, treats, table
decorations & any other games to play

Table and chairs provided and set up for $75
We allow plenty of time to set up, have your party and
clean up here but, many find it a little easier to have the
party at their place
Out house & refrigerator available 
 We have Gift Certificates available for riding
lessons, trail rides or pony parties!
    FUN  FUN  FUN 



Ponies make the party unique

Fun for all ages


Pony parties are a day they will always remember